Japanese Christmas

Japanese Christmas

On national TV? Naaaah….

Even Denmark is quiet open to anything, I just couldn’t tell them about Japanese Christmas, it’s too… WTF!? for gaijins, right ??

When I first learned how people celebrate Christmas out side of Japan,
I was actually shocked that people DON’T eat KFC and “get lucky”
– how can they not!?

Have a very Merry Christmas  everyone, whatever you do, the most important is that you enjoy it. Hygge. Yeah, that’s it.

See you all next week!

I need KFC, gotta go now.



Proudly announcing!!!  My country, Japan, has been producing this awesome sex toys that are finally on-sale in Denmark. Get it for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband/wife or yourself, I don’t care, all I know is… he/she will love it. How do I know? Because I used some of them, duh.

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Unfortunately they don’t sell chicken…

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