Japan and Europe/America, revised holidays.

One big culture difference between Japan and Western countries,
is how we treat holidays.

In Japan Christmas is for friends or couples, New Year is for families.
In West, Christmas is for families, New Year is for friends.

So I advice you!!!
If you are thinking to travel to Japan, avoid New Years. Avoid Dec 30-January 5.

So my American friends are traveling Japan now, she said to me on LINE:
(*LINE is the most used chat app in Japan)

Ahhh…..sorry to hear…..
But honey, you are traveling in Japan during the New Year…

Some stores can be opened, but don’t expect highly that you can get anything you want, Dec 30 – January 5 is usually the only few holidays that Japan is very quiet.

On the other hand, it’s very popular among Japanese to travel Europe for Christmas.
They think it’s romantic and beautiful… yes true….
but I always advise them not to go,

…Unless they want to celebrate Christmas with sad canned food or instant ramen in your hotel room.

I’m Japanese who lives in Denmark.
No matter how long I live away from my home country,  Japanese New Year is deep in my DNA, I just feel weird working on January 3rd….

So I have a right excuse to get lazy…I mean, relaxed today.
Where is my mochi?


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