It’s December 1st

I was going to take a break from drawing/posting today, but I’ve just got to.
This morning I got an email from a friend and he said…

“Happy First Day of Christmas! ”

…then I looked at the calendar and freaked out. It’s December 1st!?!?!?
The year 2016 is ending???????  How is it possible, where did my time go!?

Here is what I do.

Do you know Genmai-Cha? It’s one my favorite tea and makes me calm.
It’s one kind of green tea, but they put roasted genmai (brown rice, pop-corn looking) in it. It’s funky.


My Genmai-cha is from Ko-setsu-en  (Japanese only, sorry) Tea Company in Yamaguchi, Japan. But they don’t ship outside of Japan unfortunately. 🙁
(I offered them to help to make a English page 😉 )

But!!!! a good news is that  Japan Center  has same genmai-cha! (even on sale)
It’s from Yamamoto-yama, good old Japanese tea company. I’ve bought this before and it was delicious!!
So, if you’re curious – try it!

I recommend to try some of the Japanese snacks to go with tea.
I can write a whole article about Japanese candy, but let’s wait for the next time.

Try those if you are curious about Japanese snacks. They never go wrong.
Meiji Galbo
Meiji Rich Strawberry Cookie

-but I warn you. They are so so soooo good that you will become addiction.
(Like me, I have to buy every so often, always in stock at home…)


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  1. Ane says:

    The tea looks so much more deliciuos on your pictures than on the picture in the link. I kinda wanna try it now – you don’t think they have in Danish tea-shops, like Tante Te? I’m gonna ask 😉
    And I wish I’d known your snack-list when I was in Japan last year! I ate sooo many “Pocky”. Also good, but yours look better!

    • Koko says:

      Thanks for your comment! The link’s Tea – it’s Yamamoto-Yama, it’s a reputable old-history Japanese tea company and I have bought it before – it’s very good!!! I can recommend that you should try 🙂 I have never seen Genmai-cha in Denmark…but hope to find it one day! Yes Pocky is legend, they have so many different flavors!

  2. Steffen says:

    Koko this tea is like the best recommendation ever ! It’s so delicious !Thank you for the link ! 😀