Innocent Kid, Innocent Nihongo

Since Z was born I decided that I wanted him to be able to speak fluent Japanese. It’s a beautiful privilege to be raised in 2 cultures, and why not make the best out of it?

I’ve been speaking Japanese to him since Day 1. He’s 3 year old now, and his Japanese is quite well I think. He at least understands almost 100% of what I am saying, and quite often some new Japanese words come out from his mouth that I makes me surprised at.

One day I was on a bus with Z.

We were chatting in Japanese.

Suddenly, Z had a bright big smile on his face and started “shouting” (not screaming, but speaks loud with excitement) – Okki Onaka!! Okii Onaka! (大きいお腹!)

There was a Danish gentleman with a beer belly.

The gentleman smiles at Z.
Z smiles back at him, pointing and saying with joy : “Okki Onaka~~! ”
I am a bit of panic.

It was a good thing that he didn’t understand Nihongo….can you imagine, if people would understand every single words of what kids saying?  =P

These days when I’m lazy-laying down, Z likes to come to me and tap my Okii Onaka. Haha… kids are so innocent and honest….


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