Inari (Fox)Temple – Japanese scary story

Hey guys! Happy Halloween.

Are you interested in scary stories?


Japan is full of scary stories ….once Japan was very active on making Japanese-horror movies. (Ju-on original video version, (not re-make) and RINGU is my favorite.)

Today I’d like to tell you a scary story, a true story from my friend.
Heck I freaking drew 16 pictures (!) so you’d better read them all! 😉

I will also add Japanese text, so Japanese people can read it too.


This is a story from my old friend,N-chan.
(we met in junior high school. Thanks for Facebook we can still keep in touch!)


When she was around 3 year old, she lived in a house
where next area was a vacant land.


There she used to see “a white fox” from her room window.
The fox looked like not a real-normal fox,
but rather manga/anime style…


the white fox jumped on to neighbours’ roof
and wander around.

One day she was with her grandmother, the fox appeared again.


“Look! Oba-chan, (“grandma” in Japanese), there is a fox!”

“A fox?? Where???”

Grandmother couldn’t see the fox.
Little N-chan,  learnt that maybe it was only her who can see it….


Some years later…. she was around 10.
She learnt that the vacant land used to be a
vegetation field,
and she also noticed that there was a Fox Temple (Inari).


The fox temple was small and wooden made,
always had its doors closed.

She was told by her neighbour that
she shouldn’t mistreat the temple, – be careful with that.


Oneday she was walking by, she saw the temple’s
doors were open.


There ….there was a ceramic fox displayed.


N-chan suddenly got scared because it was the same white fox
as she saw, when she was little.


One day she saw the owner of the land was
burning something in the field.


After the owner is gone, N-chan went to play with the fire-leftovers.
and there …. she found the ceramic fox!!



She got goosebumps, scared, and ran to the
neighbour to tell her about it.


Her neighbour became panic,
they ran to the fox, try to ‘rescue’ it by praying…

It was all disturbing for N-chan, because she had never seen her neighbour got so freaked out.

Later on… the landlord’s son, who worked as a truck driver,
was discovered dead on a driver’s seat.
He was only in his 20s.

After short while, his parents – the landlords – also died, nobody knew what caused them death.

As a result there was nobody who could take over the land.


So because the land became abandoned… everybody who lived in their land
had to move out. N-chan and her family moved as well.

The whole land became empty.

After she moved away from the area,
she stopped experiencing ‘unexplainable’ events.

That’s all.

Thanks N-chan for a great story! She has more to tell, but we will stop this for today,
maybe I will draw more if you guys like it.

ya, so if you go to Japan and visit Inari Temple… please, go with respect.
If not, maybe Foxes will punish you…..



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  1. Nikoletta says:

    Did your friend revisit the place?
    She should do it and post updates!