How annoying Asian (wife) can be

Is it only me?
I never feel right to finish the dinner table, until I hear husband’s comments.

I’m always curious how my food tastes, because I cook food with my heart and soul (most of the times, except when I have to rush to cook….) so of course I want to get feedback!

Does he like it? Is it amazing? Shall I make it again?

Sorry, husband. You’re married to Japanese, Asian, whose passion is food.
I will continue this until the day I die…muwahahaha

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  1. Tommy says:

    Good thing Asian food is the best

  2. Sol says:

    This is my husband as well, and he is gaijin (but with Japanese soul I say)
    And I have to comment several times. Saying “this is amazing” is not enough. EVER.

  3. MegaGame says:

    Even when I have eaten all the food on my plate, the wife(philipine) stil goes “dint you like it?”.