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Thought I’d share this mini-happy story. 🙂 (btw, sorry about simple line-art cartoons these days… I simply don’t have time to nicely color anymore :((( But I try to draw cartoons as much, that’s the best I can do for now…!)

Have you lost or dropped something,  and to your surprise —-  it came back to you?

For the person who picked up his glove maybe it wasn’t that big deal … but for us, it was!!! The moment we saw our lost-belonging… it’s such a joy, isn’t it!?

I’d like to say Thank you very much, if you happen to reading this cartoon 🙂 …. Good people, Good day, those make the world such a better place 😉

If you see something on a street, pick it up – and leave it somewhere ‘safe’ near by, in case the person comes back to search 🙂


Oh hey! I’m planning on workshops in Copenhagen on April 27 / 28.
A) Learn Japanese like Kids do!  (Use a lot of drawings, colors, pictures to learn Hiragana, Basic Greetings. Casual, Fun lesson!)

B) Manga Drawing (let’s draw cool, beautiful, cute manga style characters!)

C) How to draw simple & Create your own story to Cartoon (Turn your special story to cartoon drawing! I will teach you how to draw simple, compose story into visual~)

Interested??? I am not sure which lessons you guys are interested.. so let me know, write in comments here or Facebook!
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  1. Shannon says:

    My daughter dropped a small cat plush from her stroller when we went to the grocery store. When we came back to look for it, someone had placed it on top of some box at the front of the store. It looked like it was greeting the customers. :p

  2. That’s what I do, when I find something. The other day it was a ring, though I don’t think it will bring much joy now, since it was already somewhat rusty from being out on the rain.

    But I recently had a nice couple call my boyfriend, to tell him they found my wallet. I must have dropped it on my way to japanese class, and their little dog found it and made them aware of it on their walk. The reason they could call me, is that I recently got the idea to add a sticky note on the back of my social security card, just in case something happened to me and someone would need to get a hold of my loved one, or in case of lost wallet. And it worked! After my class, I could drive past their home and have my wallet back. So nice of them! I was very grateful! So with this in mind, I try to pay the universe back whenever I can

    • Koko says:

      super cool idea about sticky note :O I should do that too… Thanks for sharing a great tip and heart-warming story. way to go!