FREE! Christmas Card by ScandiAsia

Christmas Gift from ScandiAsia

I’m always the last minute person when it comes to holiday seasons and I hate it.
So this year I try to break the habit :p

I’ve made Christmas present for you 🙂 !

Download & printable Christmas mini card!


A small card that you can slip to a christmas present.

There are 3 languages and 3 designs. – Danish, English and Japanese

Each drawings are made by me, Koko, and it has 1 blank card where you can write whatever the language you want.

Check the designs and click the image to download!

Design 1.  Snowman

A cute little snowman card.


Design 2 . Cute & colorful 3D-ish Santa


Design 3. Santa & Kentucky Friend Chicken

For those really wanna go Japanese, I’ve drawn a santa with KFC chicken.
Wanna see how Japanese celebrates Christmas?↓↓

>> Read  Japanese Christmas Cartoon 


It’s all Free 🙂
But, if I may ….   I also made a humble donation link banner  .

I appreciate SO MUCH if you donate some $,
supporting my time and artworks. 🙂

Domo Arigato~~! TAK & Thank you, 谢谢!


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