When being a computer engineer is so shitty

There are 2 types of people that I admire. Parents and Computer programmers.

After my hosting company told me that I had to go through ALL THE CONTENTS = 120 cartoons to check which file got infected, I simply died.

(if you are looking for a web hosting company, I recommend UnoEuro. They are super cheap and reliable, very fast response to support. Great job! )

So I asked my super awesome, smart, handsome and kind husband to help me. He had to spend the whole Saturday morning to fix it.

I felt terrible.
As an engineer, they get this “oh no my computer / website is broken! Can you fix it!?”   It sure is shitty to be an engineer especially during the summer….
I know so well.

Now it’s back on, and I am gonna be DAMN sure to get spam blocker.

I’m back on! Hello world!!!!!!

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