Egg Talk

Today I want to talk about eggs. Yeah. eggs.

It has a big culture difference between West and Asia, I have to say, and I want to show you what I mean. 🙂

Danish eggs are so white! I mean, the yolk part. Japanese egg yolks are almost orange-brown, that my Danish friend thought it was caramel first.

Maybe Japan is the only 1 country, that people eat raw eggs with food such as:

    • Simply egg over the Rice – best and so addictive
    • Sukiyaki – can’t be completed without raw egg
    • Tsukimi Udon – harmony of soup and raw eggs…


  • Gyudon, Ra-men, …. the list goes on…

* we always mix white and yolk very well when we eat them raw.

Because we have this raw-egg eating culture, Japanese eggs have been salmonella-free for decades.

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Then I moved to America and Europe, people freak out when I eat raw eggs.
Crazy Japanese!

They’re afraid of salmonella and – I noticed that western cooking doesn’t use eggs so much. — other than breakfast??!!  Eggs aren’t used as much as Asian cooking, seems like.

When I was in America I couldn’t resist of urge to eat raw eggs, so I ate them for over 10 years …. but l never got sick! Was it a pure luck?? I don’t know.

It’s a big debate among Japanese who live abroad – Eat Raw Eggs at local country or No? 
Some Japanese don’t eat because of salmonella, but I think most of us just eat, because raw eggs are that good. 

One of my best friends is from Vietnam, ( Hi Thai-chan! I miss you!)
he said:

Lastly——- here is a new slang for ya.
We call some white people EGG, who are Asian inside 😉


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