Doraemon has come to Europe

A story when I saw a Take-copter  (タケコプター) in Denmark!!!!!!

Do you know Doraemon!? Who loves Doraemon!?
Doraemon, he’s a robot-cat who came from the future cat. He has this magical pocket, where he can pick all kinds of tools to help kids problems.
I remember I cried for Doraemon’s help because I couldn’t finish homework on the last day of Summer vacation. (Yeah, in Japan kids have tons of homeworks for summer vacation. What’s the meaning of “vacation”!?)  I was dying for Doraemon’s tools.

It is a 40-years long running manga-anime series from Japan, I grew up watching it. Doraemon is Japanese kids’ forever hero and best friend, ….well not only Japanese but anybody who watches is as a kid 🙂

Doraemon has these 2 famous tools :  “Anywhere Door” and “Take-copter”. The door, you open it and boom you are wherever you wish for. Take-copter, it’s a little propeller that you put on your head, and boom you can fly to the sky! (<— this is what I saw on the Danish kid.)

Now you can buy  “Anywhere-Door” iphone case – it’s available! yay! (but damn it I am a Android user.)

$21.60 Ship world-wide

So I was surprised to see a Danish kid had a “Take-Copter”. The blond kid was wearing it!!!!!!!   I almost walked to him and goes “Hvor fik du din Take-Kopter fra!?”   (Where did you get your take-copter?)

I managed to find out that Take-Copter was selling at tiger. I went there, got it for my son Z, now he looks like an almost perfect Doraemon-fan (maybe a bit nerd). muwahahah.

Look at the pic! pretty cool eh?

If I may show off, I bought this from Japan this Spring. Doraemon’s Dorayaki — mmmm Can’t get any better.

Bonus pic I just have to draw this for fun. : If Doraemon and Nobita were from Scandinavia.

Hello Draemorten and Novitus!



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