Beach in Denmark – WTF, DENMARK?!

Yesterday I had one of the most bazaar experiences in Denmark. I took Z to a beach yesterday with my friends family. (kids love beaches!)

Even though it was rather hot day, (20c), the Danish sea water gets never warm. It’s COLD.

While I was whining about how cold the water is, here comes a Danish woman, walking like a viking, took off her towel – completely naked underneath it – jumped into the water. DAAAMN woman!

I can see that it feels good to swim naked, but  1) in ice cold water  2) public beach  – that I can never do myself. I’m too wimpy and shy!!

It’s opposite in Japan…. we have a huge sex industry, but getting naked in public, you can get caught for that. Kinda weird me think. )

uh, yah, so I also saw 3 mermaids swimming next to the naked-jump water woman.

Sure, this is Denmark. Of course mermaids swim here.




It turned out, that mermaids were for TV program 😉

OH Denmark. I’ve lived for a while, but you still surprises me!

New ScandiAsia item added!
Today I just added a new product is added to my shop!.

Who wants a stickers or mugs or notebooks or… me screaming / getting confused about Danish Culture 😉

Perfect if you are learning Danish, buy this notebook for your study. 😉

New ScandiAsia product “WTF Denmark!?” 


PS – in case you think I’m shitting:

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