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Hi, Hej, Do-mo!

On this page I’m going to make a statement of disclosure and a bit of history of ScandiAsia, and how I deeply appreciate my site and followers like you.

Beginning of ScandiAsia

I’ve been drawing ScandiAsia cartoons since 2009.  It just started off as my hobby, and I was showing only a circle of my friends. But now it’s slowly growing outside… because of you, who comes to visit my page – thank you for much for support!


This blog helped me kept going in a my life in Denmark. I may look always happy and genki, but I’m human, there are some bad and sad days. Having a hard time finding a job, struggling with new language to learn…, – but because I had scandiasia.dk and followers like you, it really kept me going!

As a foreigner whose Danish isn’t so good, I’m very glad that I can still interact with a lot of Danish people, other nationalities in Denmark and from all over the world!

Advertiser Disclosure- How to support ScandiAsia

Here, I’d like to put a statement of “Advertiser Disclosure”. You will see some links on my posts. If you click them and make a purchase, I will earn small commission.

Sometimes I may draw cartoons about products that I want to promote. ( only products that are good and cool though.)

Running a blog takes a lot of time, energy and money, and heck I have a kid to feed!

So I’d like to ask you to support my blog :)… I super duper appreciate if you do!

In return I keep drawing cartoons to bring you smile, that’s our promise.

Hilsen, Arigato, Thank you,

Sumo Hugs!


Thanks for reading this boring pate 😉

Do you have any cartoon request? Or questions about life in Denmark? Contact me either on FB or email, maybe I will draw it as cartoons!


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