Direct Communication

I have never seen those cigarettes boxes before, never in Japan.
Pictures of blood, nasty lung, dead (?) people in hospital.
(I’ve also seen in Thailand, other EU countries,  can’t remember in USA…are there?)

Japan has this “you have to read the atmosphere.” things, that can be hard for gaijins.
I think it’s a beauty of being sensitivity, but of course it depends on the situation.

It’s good to be direct sometimes…like this cigarette boxes!
Especially being visual is a powerful punch.
I’m waiting for some company will make a Cancer-Death-Metal (like the Finnish band who won Eurovision years ago), puking splashing blood picture like a splatter movie on the cigarette box- WIN!!!!

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  1. Farid Ziani says:

    for me actually the Japanese indirect communication is annoying, you cant know what people really want to say and it is quite easy to confuse the “tatemae” with “hypocrisy” !! Ive had a lot of trouble and still do.
    also, there is difference between being direct and being rude, you can be direct without being rude 😀

    • Koko says:

      yeah I can imagine it can be difficult…and it takes experience to learn! But I still think it’s a beauty of sensitivity to others, and half of me is wishing that Japan won’t lose it. 😉 (again, it depends on the situation.) even if Life can be easier if you can always be direct…

      • Amalie says:

        I see communication as a bit of a dance . Speaking your mind is much easier in order to avoid confusion, I see the beauty in knowing HOW to speak your mind in order to effectively communicate without causing pain. But there is also beauty in the case of the person being communicated with. For example the customers buying the cigarettes. Instead of getting offended immediatly, you have to realize that the horrible pictures comes from a place of concern rather than wanting you to feel bad?