Denmark’s Urban Legend


It was very interesting about yesterday’s post, Penny Reaction cartoon.

A lot of Danish people replied ,
” uh…. we dunno how we will react, because we only use debit card. Never Cash.”

Sooooo here is a new cartoon. (Domo Arigato for inspiration!)

In Denmark nobody uses cash.
I think cash in Denmark is either urban legend or for the virtual world.



Frie Funtionærer  er Billig a-kasse med høj medlemstilfredshed:)
Frie Funtionærer ligger Nr. 1 på Trustpilot! A – kasse: KUN 461 kr./måned Fagforening: Fra KUN 69 kr./måned.

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  1. zuza says:

    well but it is impossible to pay by card in busses :'(