Denmark Summer 2018

heat wave in Europe 2018

This is how I have been in past 3 months.

Denmark is having the hottest summer in its history, 2018.
In the beginning I was happy, thought it was a miracle.

We gotta go outside, don’t waste the sun! GO GO GO

Then July (seriously) I start to use an umbrella when I go outside. People give me a weird look. I smile back. The sun hurts my skin.

Now I am praying the weather god, begging for rain.
Denmark sun has been a bit over hyped…. you gotta calm down buddy…

Did you know Japan just made a hottest day record this year. Some city’s got 41c.

41!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend told me that Jakarta Indonesia was cooler than Japan.
I really hope the weather god will bring some cool air to Japan. Too much sun Too dry is not fun at all….

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