Immigration Visa


I made this visa cartoon on June 19, 2016.
Today is December 13.

After 6 months …. yay, I got my spouse visa renewed!

The only good thing about this was it inspired me to draw cartoon for today and make HAIKU.
Ain’t I a creative person, to use any situations to make something?
This means

” Immigration Visa
Here it comes
When I forget ”

Wasureta koro ni

(no season words)

Have you dealt with immigration visas?
The process is a bitch and sometimes a joke, no matter what countries it is.

I bet Japan is pretty bad too.

What’s most annoying is that visa rules change, constantly, usually harder and harder.

My visa is only good for 2 years, so I need to apply again, in now 1.5 years. I lost 6 months while waiting, apparently those waiting time COUNTS within visa period.  You suck,

If you are from EU it’s not a problem, but outsiders like me, is a headache.
Heck, Denmark immigration! I am a good citizen. I draw cartoons to make people happy. I will only bite you if you see me and go “oh you’re Japanese, you make good sushi?”…….so be nice to me!

Dear foreigners who are waiting for a visa.
It will come!!! The best is try not to think about it too much. Keep yourself busy doing something to distract. It will come when you forget about it.


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