Danish is not Danish

Danish pastry

There are some words that export to the word, but kinda odd-way.  – have you noticed that?

Until I moved to Denmark, I believed those yummy sweet pastries are called Danish. They’re from Denmark, so they’re called Danish.

Was I shocked … they are actually Austria. Viena!!! That’s how Danish people call them here.

I felt like dating a sweet Danish boyfriend/girlfriend, was actually from Austria. He/she shows me his passport, not saying PAS but says ” “REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH” !!

Quiet shocking, right?  Er du ikke Dansk!?

And, Doughnuts!!!!! ( ops… i spelled “donuts” in cartoon)
Doughnuts are Doughnuts I thought…. it’s like, I am eating ramen but people are calling it Tokyo. what???

My question is, why are they called “Danish”  outside of Denmark??
Where are they really from??

Well. As long as they’re yummy, I can be happy either way  – Denmark or Austria. World goes around with good food.

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