Danish Kindergarten

Please, anyone parents out there?
Anyone who’s done the same??

If you don’t know what are those “blue socks” about, in Denmark –

schools ( Daycare, Kindergarten, Elementary school, ) prepare those “blue plastic socks” for parents. When the weather is shitty, rainy and muddy, we, parents should put those on over our shoes when we enter school.   – in order to keep school clean! 🙂

The problem is…. we, parents are always busy. Our heads are full of million minds.  I take Z to kindergarten, undress him, walk into a room, make sure he isn’t unhappy, then after his permission – I can finally leave.   On my way home i go grocery shopping, think about what to cook for dinner, about my blog ideas, etc etc …..

then I forget!!!!!!

I forget that I was wearing blue socks, all the way to SuperBrugsen ( Danish grocery store) at casher’s line.

Danish people stare me, “strange asian.”

But the most difficult part is that I don’t know how to react myself after finding out.

  • ops! I’m so stupid…haha… (take them off immediately, put them in backpack?
  • stay calm, walk out the store then take them off
  • screw it, walk home with them.

I am embarrassed that I don’t know what to do. Awkward atmosphere indeed.



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  1. Dorte says:

    Danish parent here. Take them off and laugh. Every danish parent know that you just forgot to take them off at kindergarten and have done the same thing

    • Koko says:

      Hi Dorte! lolol as far as I see, Danish parents are perfect – always take them off – but glad everyone has done it 🙂