Dear Danish Kids | you scare me

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I know. You, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish,  will say
” pshhhhhhh Koko this is just a rain! Come on!!!”

Yeah I know, but no matter how long I live in Denmark,


As soon as I see some drips of rain I open an umbrella. (so Japanese)
I still got stronger when I moved to USA and Denmark, because I can still wait til like 10 drips of rain. until I open an umbrella.

In Japan?

Everybody opens umbrella after 1-2 drops.

(We, Japanese always wonder why gaijin don’t use umbrellas…..)

For me going outside in the rain means torture.
Unless you have a major reason to go, like work – doctors appointment – buying cakes – otherwise I stick to inside of the house, like a turtle hiding in own shell.

Just this morning I sent Z off to a kindergarten,

oh my god— Was I in a culture shock.
I saw kids playing outside in the pouring rain.

Their hair, face, clothes, all wet. But they all looked happy.

I get it.
It’ll will make kids tough. and heck when I was a kid I remember enjoying water puddles. (with umbrella.)

Dear Danish kids, you kinda scare me, but you’ll be so tough like Fist of Northern star.



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PPS – saw something cool from Danish Store.

Retro Game Boy cup!    Denmark shipping only

Pretty sweet cup…

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