Danish Humor

Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether they are joking or not….


I always take it seriously, especially when something happens so quickly.
…but this is not cool!!!

To integrate well with Danish society, I need to respond quickly when they make a joke!!!

So, I came up with 2 reaction ideas.  Danes like to say something opposite with serious face. So when it happens, how about I give go over-the-top reaction.

On Reaction 1 I became an super angry asian woman.


On Reaction 2, I pretend to take it seriously and approach with serious way until we find a solution.

No matter, it will take me a lot of practice, until I can compete with Danish Humor.

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  1. Tine says:

    I think a funny reaction might be to suggest something even more ridiculous as punishment (that’s what I usually do). In this situation, I might say: “That’s fine. then I will just find some nicer friends who are willing to help!” 😉 Danish humour can be quite complex….

  2. Mikkel says:

    With this cartoon response you clearly show that you have humour
    Especially with the last choice