Danish Habits

Danish Habits

I was on a 2 weeks vacations and just got back 2 days ago!
(hello gray sky Denmark!)

I was laughing myself because I was having some Danish Habits during my trip –
so I decided to draw those habits.

Keep Water Bottles 

Since I lived in Denmark I just can’t throw bottles away. I have to re-use it at least once more, and it’s a really great way to recycle – right?

And, with 26-30 °C weather everyday those bottles were mandatory!

Taking Shoes Off 

Okay, taking shoes off is also a Japanese habit, actually — this is an interesting common action that Denmark and Japan have. I thought all the western people walk into houses with shoes on, but in Denmark most of them take off shoes!
I was a bit surprised 😀

My minds are still in beautiful Portugal.
Once My soul is back to DK, I will draw more toons…ha!


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