Customer Service

I’m not complaining or upset over this… (it’s not my point),

It was just funny, that I went to 2 different stores and got 2 exact responses –
they just said, “Det ved jeg ikke. (I don’t know)”, without looking like sorry or smile or not be able to help me.

But this is really nothing!
I’ve seen even worse, in different countries,
that some staff who are really pissed off and yell at customers (airport) or
calling passengers stupid (airplane) or
completely silent and never say thank you (at a souvenir shop cashier )-
how is it possible?

Let’s hope that they were just having a bad day.

I’m just, really, get culture shocked when I see those customer ‘service’…..  and I can never get used to see it. It’s annoying and sad at the same time, you know?!

… Japan has problems too but their hospitality quality is pretty high, if I can be completely honest and fair. if you don’t believe me, come visit Japan! 😉
(Even make it better, we don’t tip. )

Having a good attitude makes other people happy, and that will come back to you!



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  1. Piskeriset says:

    Japan has the best customer service EVER! As a Dane it was a shock to visit Japan – or a pleasant surprise to be more precise 😉

    • Koko says:

      Hi Piskeriset, tak for din besked! I’m glad you could agree with me 😀 I hope that we don’t lose Japanese quality of service in Japan…it’s very special and hard to find in the world 😉 Please come visit Japan again!