Copenhagen Fashion

The city is beautiful, elegant, fashionable…. the famous Scandinavian city.  Tall, model-looking alike Danes on bicycles and yes hot bikini at a park during the summer.

But!!! Mind you!!! the weather in Denmark is so unpredictable, you don’t believe it. It can be hot now but 10 seconds later it’s raining. oh wtf.

Which means most likely you will notice yourself getting confused with fashion.

Is this summer or winter???

And here is the result. You will wear all sorts of season fashion at one time 😉

*My friend Kat-chan posted this image on her FB, I laughed and just had to draw it. Thanks, it’s a good way to start Monday with smile  ^_^

*Traveling Advice – if you are traveling Scandinavia, carry all 4 seasons clothes items. Maybe not gloves and hat in the summer, but can be cold ….


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