This past weekend I went to Copenhagen. I had personal errands to run.

Because I live in Aarhus, for me, it’s a looooong trip to go to Copenhagen…. so I almost never go there. (only to the airport.)  And I realized that I am missing out a lot. Copenhagen is NICE!

I decided that I love Copenhagen…. it’s a big city, people, vibrant, international, and beautiful.

Food is a easy solution, they can go to Paleo Kitchen all they want.
I just continue to eat dead animals and fish,  I can go to Netto Førtex, they sell bunch of those. See- problem solved.

So I have something to tell you.

I would love to move to Copenhagen!!! Really!
Do you know anybody who needs a creative person (Illustrator, Concept Creator, Designer, Story Board Creator, Japan related, etc etc??) ?????
I want to try to find a job in Copenhagen!!!  I know it’s not easy but why not try.

I’m serious! If you have any job leads please email me!
I am happy to send my resume / sample works.



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  1. お父さん says:

    やはり コペンハーゲンはオーフスとは違うかね