Copenhagen VS Aarhus. Tokyo VS Osaka.

Copenhagen vs Aarhus difference

Capital City and the 2nd City.
This makes me chuckle…. 😋 but isn’t the world the same, after all!?
Except, Osaka’s middle aged women (Osaka Obachan) are…. they’re…something!! 😂

It’s funny how people can be different depends on a area where they live, even though you live in the same country – and yes, small country like Denmark!!

I didn’t draw but in Japan we usually refer these areas:

1) Kyusyu – men are maccho type
2) Kyoto – People in Kyoto aren’t very open-minded. After you live for generations, locals finally “accept” you as Kyoto person.

What country are you from? Do you have this kind of Capital City vs 2nd City arguments? 😛


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