Conversation with a Stranger

Story before I got sick.

Last week I went to a bank. I had no idea some banks didn’t open until 10AM!!!!???
Even though I live in Denmark for quiet some time now, I still have trouble understanding business hours for many places… (ok, another cartoon topic!)

Anyway, there was still 10 mins til opening.
There is 1 bench.

I see 2 people….a bit strange people. You know you have this ‘sense’ where you can feel some people are…weird? An old man who was happily snoring and sleeping like his own bed.
An old grumpy looking grandma with a big mole, a small hair coming out of.

You know clearly that something is weird there.

I usually avoid… I would have stood and waited for the bank to open. But that day I was like, “Ok, I should do something I normally don’t do.”

Sooooooo I walked up the bench and sat in the middle. Let’s see if something will happen!?

Next cartoon coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned ya?

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