Fukuoka Sinkhole, fixed in a week.


Saw this article from Danish newspaper, ekstrabladet.dk.   BBC for English page.
Thanks for the inspiration ^_^- here is my today’s cartoon. Guess it was not only me wondering why constructions in Denmark takes for so long.

I have witnessed some crazy stories of regarding constructions, in Denmark and USA and other countries….Let me share with you.

Horror Story 1) my husband’s friend, Denmark. They wanted to remodel their house. Construction company made a mistake on estimate of the cost, so the friend ended up with paying way more money…

Horro Story 2) friend’s in Seattle, USA. They wanted to remodel a kitchen. But construction company made a mistake on materials they are supposed to use, so it ended up taking double time to complete.

Horror Story 3) Do you know DOKK1 library in Aarhus? It’s an awesome library in Aarhus city that was built in 2015. But right now, (as of November 2016)  they are doing a big construction again. I heard that windows were placed on the wrong way, so they have to re-do again.
Is that ture???????  Uh, waste of tax money? no?

I have never heard those stories in Japan…. well at least, around my friends or people I know.

I hope hope hope hope I won’t get this kind of problems when I build my house.   (crossing fingers.)

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