You can communicate with few words

Thanks everybody who responded on my last post about Japanese learning! I’m very glad to hear a many of you are interested. 🙂

As a native Japanese speaker, I’d love to contribute. Learning language shouldn’t be like a brain hurting thing, it should be casual and simple (at least for the very beginning.)

So, here I am making another cartoon. It’s a story of from yesterday.
I picked Z up from kindergarten. At he showed me his knees…both got small scratches.  I wanted to know what happened to him.

He described why he got them… I totally understood!

Let’s see how he explained. 🙂 Here we go!

Note: ICHI NI ICHI NI – Japanese count, one-two, one-two.  I often say that when I am pushing a stroller or doing a power walk.

Do you get it?

Z was playing with a ball, he was chasing it. Then he fell. That’s how he got scratches.

You don’t need to know a lot of words, but you can still communicate!
You just need to use some gestures and “sound effect” and connect word – to – word.

Hope it will inspire someone learning Nihongo – or other language!



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