Comitting a Crime

My husband is a really cool guy, he almost never, ever comment on what I am doing.
– except when I eat bread with no butter.

I love butter, cream, cheese – but  I don’t eat as much as Danish people (Europeans / Westerners) . Sometimes I just eat simple bread and milk…. but for husband, it’s pure craziness.

When we eat bread with cheese (I love Prima-donna! mmm.) , this is how we are. Husband’s cheese is almost over flowing from bread…. whereas my cheese looks so humble and quiet.

This is when we eat with Nutella. It’s how a real man eat bread with nutella. I like that! (but I don’t do it.)
I’m getting hungry. Time for lunch! Mata-ne!

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  1. Lol – I thought that was just me! The only butter we have in the house, is for baking cakes. None of us eats butter on bread.

    As for what we put on bread… We have guests from other countries here a lot (volunteers who help out on our farm), and I was shocked the first time I saw how an American guy just put layer upon layer of stuff on his bread. But then the day after, an Irish guy did it like it was normal as well. Amazing.

    Ah well, different customs… they’re funny to observe though!