Learning colors in Japanese – what works – and traffic light

… For 2 months or so I’ve been teaching Z how to say colors in Japanese.

It’s simple, I just point out colors while we are on a walk.

teaching a kid to be bilingual Japanese

Sometimes he’s very good at remembering, but sometimes he gets lost.

Especially he’s confused with Red and Blue – because they both starts with A.
AKA = Red

AO = Blue 

You should see Z’s “getting lost face”, it’s really like a cartoon face! I can almost see the blue sweat.
(and it’s cute. heh.😆 )

3 year mixed boy getting lost at learning Japanese

That case I usually give a clue to Z… like I say the first sound, A~~~….. and whisper Ka….

Japanese mother and son practicing Japanese

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So far, this is how many Z remembers. 8 colors.  I’m adding soon Brown = Chairo, Orange = orenji (easy, right?).

basic colors in Japanese

by the way….

how 3 year old mix boy learn Japanese colors with M&M

It’s a pity because this is by far the best way to teach colors to kids – using M&Ms. Just can’t do that everyday…. sigh

PPS – I remember I had talked about things I could never can get used to, as living abroad?  >> Winter Denmark ,

I remember one more:   Calling traffic light as “green light”!
Dear Gaijins, ohhh….why, why green???

On a traffic lights there is Red, Yellow, ….all the primary colors – then won’t it be naturally to be, blue?  me no understand!

Tips : So yeah, in Japan we refer the traffic colors as Red, Yellow, Blue.  You can’t say “Please go when it’s turned Green”, then nobody will go because the light is never green in Japan. 😉

In Japan, green light is "blue". Don't say Green Light, as nobody would understand ;)

But this got me to wonder.
Is it only Japan, that we call it blue??  How about your country?


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