Christmas Calendar

When you heard of calendars, you just think of normal calendars, right? Who would think the calendars means for countdown Christmas calendars?!
My Danish language school didn’t teach me that tradition, :p , So I completely misunderstood that concept of  (Christmas) calendars.

An acquaintance from Japan was planning on visiting Denmark for some kind of study trip, he asked me what’d be good to bring.

Oh, cool,  he’s asking the right person. I know the answer!

I told him that the best souvenirs for Danish people were the calendars.


….Sorry I was very wrong….

If you are not familiar with Danish Xmas calendar, I took some pictures for you!
You open 1 ‘window’ everyday from Dec 1 until you reach to December 24. 🙂
20161107_122739 20161107_122827

Is this only Danish tradition? Or other scandinavian countries have it too?
I wonder.

If you are a foreigner traveling to Denmark this month, buy it!
I think it’ll be a wonderful Danish souvenir –  It would be an cultural fun experience for everybody, but especially for kids.
You can buy them from any grocery stores, the price can be $8~$10.




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  1. Charline says:

    We do it in France ! And in England also so it’s not a danish tradition, rather european 🙂 just a way to eat more chocolate :p

  2. Stefan says:

    I’m fairly confident in saying it’s common across a lot of europe, and the UK too.

    Not sure about the US, I think they just stick with advent calendar for the most part.

  3. 昨晩も父上とご一緒しました。いつもの有楽町でなく神田淡路町、気候変動のせいか、夜でも20℃!明日は10℃ダウンだとか。今日、TVで初めてXmasまでのカウントダウン・カレンダーの存在を知りました。また、箱入りの20個位のさいころキャラメル(今年で販売終了)大のチョコに日付が書いてあって、子供が毎日、一つずつ食べてはXmasが近づく期待を膨らませるとか。今日は天誕→Xmas→大晦日→元旦と最後の1wですね。

    • Koko says:

      こんにちは、メッセージありがとうございます。:) なんだか日本でも最近はこのカウントダウンカレンダーが知られてきているみたいです!来年は使ってみてはどうでしょう!?(お孫さんに!?)きっと人気者になりますよ〜:)