Christmas Already in Denmark?!

I went to downtown yesterday and quite surprised see that it was Christmas mode already! It’s November 1….?!  what what?
Salling (department store) had a giant Christmas colored lights, Christmas cards on a book store…

Then my Danish friend, Line says it all.

That’s right, girl! We need something to look forward to!
This year I am going to make something hand-made (drawn) for presents. Now I need to start thinking what to make, how to make… it’s gonna be fun 🙂 . That’s my way of looking forward to Christmas. What’s yours?

6 issues of BO BEDRE magazines + Skagerak Fionia Tray + Christmas appendix for 199,00 kr + 59,00 kr. in postage and exp. Total 258,00 kr.
It’s an unique produced version of the classic Danish Design, Skagerak tray 29×21 cm. Value: 499 kr. Sweet deal 😉

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