Chopsticks, Asian and Gaijins

They eat Japanese food with knife and fork. Even sushi, they elegantly slice a piece of tuna roll and use a fork to eat.

I try to smile.  “ohh yeah… it tastes so good…” But inside of me, I am screaming – use fucking chopsticks!!!!!! Please!!  (How rude am I. )

So one day I confronted to my husband. “Are you trying to be like elegant or something? Why not use chopsticks? ”

Then husband goes..

“The most important is that we enjoy food, no matter how we eat. ”
“I have better control with knife and fork.”

Then I got to think…. uhmmmm ok, I guess he’s sort of right. It’s better than that they never eat my food. I know quite many international married couples, who don’t like wife’s native country food. (wtf!?) I’ve met some Japanese women, whose husbands are not too into Japanese food. ( wtf, wtf!?)

That means I can eat pasta with chopsticks?

And hamburgers ? fiskefrikadeller ? (* Fiskefrikadeller is Danish fish ball – is perfect for chopsticks! )

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he says. He won’t care how I eat as long as I enjoy it.

Instead of being angry Asian, let’s be happy Asian, world goes round much better that way. Thanks Kaja and husband for always enjoying my food, especially Kaja, she’s my in-law who is almost 70 year-old…she likes sushi, in fact, she eats anything from Japan.(expect miso soup) That’s pretty cool.

Now I am teaching Z how to use chopsticks. I bought this kids training chopsticks in Japan, which seems easy to use even for 3 year-old!

If you are looking for some chopsticks for kids or adult to practice, I recommend Edison’s chopsticks! It’s pretty simple to use and you can actually pick up food without getting cramps in fingers. In Japan kids start practicing chopsticks at the end of 3 year-old ~. Some say kids are ready when can do the famous Japanese ‘peace sign’ v(^_^)v

Here are some Edison chopsticks from Amazon UK.

If you want Kawaii,

Ja-ne! Happy ChopSticking!

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