What Japanese and Chinese can’t do

Just saw this Chocolate Message Gift Box and thought it was cute! I think it’s new service in Denmark?

Ashame that this service won’t work in China or Japan, where we have frigging few thousand of characters… ugh!  God, no, I’m not gonna go through 3500 pieces of chocolate to find a correct letter that customer wants. Screw that. :p

This choco message box is so sweet, both taste and the gift itself 😉
It will make me smile and I’d go “awwww”  when I open the box… (hey husband, are you reading this?)

Yup, you create your own message.  It’s pretty cool that you can type directly with your keyboard to see your message on their website, super user friendly I think. If you like it after type, click order and boom,- you’re done!

They also make a picture-choco too. Isn’t Goth-lorita-Marmaid choco kinda cool?

To make it better, they use Belgium chocolate, va va boom!!

“Jeg Elsker dig – I love you in Danish”

If you are in Denmark and looking to buy a nice gift here it goes! 🙂
It can be a great Danish souvenirs as well, make sure to include those exotic Danish letters of æ, ø, å  – people outside of Denmark usually go WOW over them 😉

Chocolate message gift box

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