Bread Talk

Last week I posted the bread and butter cartoon, had a lot of interesting comments on Facebook! Thanks everyone. 🙂
(I’m a bit surprised that some don’t like butter, I thought all gaijins (westerns) like butter!)

Today is another bread cartoon.

How to keep bread?
If it’s freshly baked, yeah sure, I leave it outside.
But if it’s factory-made, I usually put it in a fridge.

Then my husband flew to me and asked with super serious face, like I killed someone.

He told me bread shouldn’t go into a fridge!!!
whaaaaat!?  I didn’t believe him, so I asked Google-sensei.
“It’s the best to keep bread in room temperature or Freeze. The worst is to keep in a fridge.”


Hah, ops. so he IS right. I am now a bit wiser…..  But I wonder, won’t it go bad sooner?
Or is it because Japan has higher humidity, so we keep them in a fridge? Or Is it only my family?? I wonder…
After drawing this cartoon I removed my bread from a fridge.

*I’m sorry Hige sorry – it’s a Japanese old man’s joke. I’m now extremely embarrassed to say that, but too lazy to delete. 

But if I may defend myself, people do crazy way of keeping sushi!!
I saw frozen sushi at a grocery store!!!!!!!  I almost lost my mind….
As a person from a sushi country,  it was like seeing a sushi-torture.

If you buy sushi, you just eat at once. Better not keep it for next day.
Ah, cultural difference. But it will only make us smarter!


*Just for the heck of it I made a GIF animation. haha.

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