It’s my birthday today

Yup, July 3 – today is my birthday.  and I hate it. I feel depressed. Grr.
Since I past age 30, I became not-so-happy about my birthday, it’s a sad day that I’m reminded that I am getting old once a year.

I’m getting closer to get wrinkles on my face, saggy boobs and grey hair.

How can gaijins be so happy about birthdays!?
Since I’ve moved to USA and Denmark, I think I managed to adapted myself well to western cultures….most of the times… but birthday celebration is something I can never learn. In the West they celebrate birthdays no matter how old. In Japan, we don’t do that so much… (maybe bake a cake or buy flowers to parents, but never throw a party! … right?)
Birthdays are for kids and people in the 20s. After 30s, you kinda don’t throw a B-day party.

How about your country?

I know, I know. Getting old means getting wiser and more enjoyable life.
I know, I know. It’s nice to celebrate with friends and family and have hygge (cozy/happy) time.

If you’re gaijin, are you really happy about your birthday no matter how old?
…. I’m just curious to know 🙂

Sorry, but me being grumpy. uuuuuuurrrrrrg.

Ok, Time to go to dye my hair.



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  1. Helene says:

    I love getting older though I am only 27. And I love the thought of getting older too. Birthdays is awesome! We celebrate me getting everything I want in life – wuhuuuuu (from a dane)