Best spot in cold Denmark

Sooooo we’re having the first snow since last night, (at least in Aarhus city,)
and it has been really cold.

You know where the best spot to go during the cold winter in Denmark?

It’s the bathroom!!! The bathroom floor!!!!!

Danish houses are very well insulated, they are quiet warm in the winter.

…But nothing feels as nice as standing on the heated bathroom floor!!!!

Whoever comes up with heated floor should receive the nobel prize.
In Korea they have heated floor called “ondol” too….simply the best!

I’m having a friend visiting me this weekend,
thinking about hosting her in the bathroom with genmai-cha and cookies.


Warm Sunny Vacations?
Skov Rejser  is a Danish travel agency who focus on traveling from Germany.
It’s cheaper and more destinations than Danish market… so it’s worth a check!
Maldives? or Mexico?? Wherever you wish. Inspiration from their blog.

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