How to use balcony in Scandinavia

Another “think out of Box” story!
You can use something for many different ways….

My friend, Christina, she’s very happy with her apartment with balcony.

I didn’t know why… I mean, yeah it’s nice in the summer.
I do know how Danish people LOVE eating outside when it’s +15C.

But isn’t that it?
The rest of the year will be too cold to use, unless you freeze your ass to go smoke.

I was wrong!!!!

Ahh… balcony. You’re pretty awesome.
During the summer you host people for dining,
During the winter you become a natural refrigerator.

Scandinavian winter is cold, but it’s not always a bad thing,
it will be eco-friendly!!

Unfortunately our apartment doesn’t have a balcony.
I hang hot cooked potatoes outside from a window to cool down….

If you are in Aarhus, see a house hanging potatoes, it’s me.




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