The most bizarre question to Asian Family

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If you want to learn the culture, don’t read books -but look at the kitchen and utensils 🙂

When my Danish boyfriend ( now- husband ) first came to visit Tokyo to meet my family, it was a very sweet holiday. My parents liked him, he liked them, and he looooved strolling around the bustling Tokyo.

One morning he asked, innocently,

” DO YOU HAVE A BREAD KNIFE?  May I borrow it?”

We, Japanese, had a huge question mark above our heads,….
and goes,

” uh…. bread knife!?!?!?”

Our family had never, even thought of an inch to use a bread knife.
We knew it existed, but never thought that we’d use it.

I thought it was the most strange question to Asian family.
Like, me asking Danish family, ” excuse me, do you have sae-bashi? ”

*Sae-bashi is special long chopsticks for cooking use.
It’s difficult to find in Denmark unfortunately, but
You can buy here
<– this is exactly the same as I use now 🙂

I can bet you 100dkk, there are no Danish families have them in the kitchen,
nor  “normal” western families. Sae-bashi is the must-item among Japanese families, I have brought some pairs from Japan and I am using them everyday in Denmark.
( I even cook pasta with chopsitcks.)

After that episode, my mom went and bought a bread knife.



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