Our apartment buildling got fire. How I felt about it and What I want to advice to you

Today’s cartoon is not a usual ScandiAsia cartoon.
It’s about a scary experience I just had last week, and I’d really like to share with you who’s reading this.

This is SO important. Please share this cartoon with friends.

Our apartment building’s got fire. 

It happened last week.
To make it clear – everybody was safe. Nobody’s rooms got burned out.
It was only our building’s entrance hall got small-ish fire – but lots of smoke!

Around 9:45pm, I was laying down with Z.  

I heard something from our main door.

Some beep sound and my husband was speaking with his neighbour…or something.

I got a feeling that something didn’t seem normal.
But I thought I was overthinking. I kept laying down with Z.

Then suddenly, my husband came into the room and said:

Husband grabbed sleeping Z, wrapped him with a blanket.

I was all confused, my head was empty, but quickly I just grabbed my jacket, wallet, and phone.

I briefly saw the outside of our main door. It was white. White because of smoke. I couldn’t even see 1m away.

I followed husband as we took a backstairs. ( In Denmark a lot of apartments have backstairs, usually used for access to the basement to hang dry clothes etc- but thanks GOD for that. )

When we got to the basement I saw my neighbour there too. She lives alone, she must been very scared.

We both felt relieved to see each other, safe.

There were an ambulance and a firetruck already when we got outside.

All of the residents of our apartments were outside, standing watching smoke coming out of the stairs.

I was holding Z very tight.

We were very cold and scared…

While watching this incident, I kept thinking in my mind:
“What if our rooms got fire and everything burns out??”
” I have so many important things there at home..”

Strange, I wasn’t in panic.
I was just thinking more realistic problems ….

After maybe 20-30mins, firefighters told us it was safe to go home inside.

Do you want to know how our apartment building’s got smoke?

WELL. Believe it or not – I heard that some jerk ass threw fireworks into our entrance hall. 

We don’t who the asshole is. Could be a teenager, alcoholic, or drug junkie or normal person who was just angry … can be anybody. We probably never can find out.

The problem is,  our apartment doesn’t have a lock system at a main door.  I know, this is VERY unusual in Denmark. Almost all the apartment has a security lock system, right? – But ours don’t!! wtf?

security lock system at a door

So, we’re trying to negotiate with our landlord to install the lock. (He’d better…)


Now I have experienced it, please spare your time to listen to me… carefully.

    1. Do not take anything for granted. This can happen to you tomorrow. Always be cautious. If you’re traveling and staying at a hotel, know where the EXIT door, how to escape before sleep!

    1. Prepare your “emergency” bag at home.
      You just grab it and escape if fire happens.

    1. Exchange phone numbers with your neighbours. Better to choose 1 neighbour in your building, 1 neighbour outside of your building. If you’re on holiday but something happens – then your neighbour can call you. They’re the one who can notice first, if something happens.I know these days, we, people don’t even bother with own neighbours. I didn’t for years either – but since the fire, we residents started talking more and I had actually exchanged phone numbers just in case. It’s a great movement.

    1. Have “rescue agreement” with your close friends. (who lives near by)
      Good friends always help you. But, just be sure, inform them that you’d call them even 3am if you need a help. Tell them that they can also call and ask for help if emergency.

    1. If you have kids, teach them how to escape if emergency happens. Give them your “rescue agreement” friends’ phone number and how to reach them.

It’s been a week and we’re back to normal life. But to be honest, this fire incident traumatize me in a way. No matter where I sleep, hotel or home or friends’ house – I will always check emergency EXIT – then sleep.

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Firefighters are heros

I’d like to say THANK YOU for firefighters – they came SO fast, did incredible jobs to protect us and our building. True Heros!

Please share this with friends/family, as a wake-up call.
” fire? nah, it won’t happen to my house” – I was thinking so entire my life, until last week.


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