Alcohol and Me (Asian)

Yup, that’s me – I can’t drink alcohol, even a sweet, almost a fruit juice cocktail – you will laugh at me.
I turn red. Then soon after I either pass out or get sick.

It was one of my dream, you know, like a movie scene, drinking wine and having a smart conversation in front of a fire place. But it will never happen to me.

“ewww wine tastes like a horse pee. Do you have Fanta? ”

Ah, I sound like a 10 year-old kid.

Funny thing is that this alcohol-allergy runs only my father and I in our family,
my younger sister and mother can drink anything.

One time when father visited me he showed up at a airport gate with a completely tomato-face. He was lucky to fly in business class, obviously he enjoyed his flight.

Mother and sister,  they enjoy drinking wine or beer almost everyday for dinner.

My father is retired now, but he was a typical Japanese businessman.
Of course he had to go to Nomikai once in a while, which he didn’t entirely enjoy.

(*Nomikai=飲み会=Nomi (drink), Kai (party, meet-up) is a Japanese word for Drinking-meet up with friends, business clients, or set up dates.)

My mother was feeling sympathy for him that he had to go drink alcohol.
She wished so much that she could go for him instead and drink for him.

Before moving to Denmark I lived and worked in Seattle, America. (Hi Seattle friends!!!) I used to be a big party animal, I used to go dancing (Trance, Progressive House)) every Friday after work.

Needless to say I was the most popular person among friends – to  driver everyone home, after clubbing.

Now I’m in Denmark.
My life style changed, it’s more calm now, with various reasons.
In Europe in general has a strong relationship with alcohol, and there are some occasions that I wish I could drink….  but I found a 1 good thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Danish beer is called ØL.

I still can’t pronounce Ø.
It’s good that I can’t say it, because I will never order beer -if øl was green tea, I’d have been screwed.

Cheers!! (with Cola)

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