1. Nadia D.
    September 19, 2017 @ 12:35 pm

    What about the toilet?
    (I still don’t understand why the Japanese toilets aren’t sold in the rest of the world – they’re fantastic! Surely you must miss them?)

    Also… What do you think of the dessert culture in Denmark?
    (When I went to Japan, I encountered so many strange hybrids! Fruit in a sandwich? Is is lunch? A dessert? A mix? Makes no sense! Toast with whipped cream? Dessert or lunch!?!)


    • Koko
      September 20, 2017 @ 11:24 pm

      Hey Nadia!
      Hahah true! Japanese toilets – that’s coming to a new episode of ” Things I still can’t get used to after living in Denmark for years” 😉 I hate the cold toilet seats….saddness!

      I actually never liked those bread + whipped cream thing. They just don’t go together…. heh!


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