5 signs that you’ve been in Denmark too long

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I’ve been in Denmark for a couple years now. Sometimes I see myself a bit of Japa-Da-nese.

Maybe some foreigners can relate to me??

5 signs that you’ve been in Denmark too long

    • 1 – You start to feel like committing crime when you eat white bread
      Of course people do eat white bread in Denmark.
      It’s just, dark bread ( rye bread) has been dominant Denmark market so big and so long, and we’re all aware that dark bread is healthier than white…. I feel like I am a terrible person to eat white bread. ; )
      In fact I eat a lot less white bread now than before moving to Denmark.The only time I feel no-crime? Is perhaps when I eat shokupan in Japan.

    • 2- You start to see aluminum cans as money.
      It’s a wonderful way to recycle! You return those cans and get paid back.
      But it’s an irony that you cannot recycle cans that you bought in Germany…

    • 3- You are surprised that business is running in July
      I had to call a bank in Japan in July.
      I was telling parents if they’d answer my phone.”??????”They thought I was weird asking a question. (Has my daughter gone nuts??)I called my bank anxiously.  To my surprised, they answered my phone, even after only 3 ringing bells. I deeply thanked to them for answering and how I appreciated that you could help me now.My bank thought I was a weird customer.

    • 4- You start to think it’s extremely wasting if you don’t go outside when it’s sunnyI had never really appreciated the sun – until I moved to Denmark. In Japan the Sun in the summer is considered to be evil monster.

    • 5- Germans and Swedish
      😉  hugs… I like them both!


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