5 things I was surprised at Danish House

Danish House

Living in a foreign country means you live in a different type of house.

There are certainly A LOT OF different parts – compare to houses in Japan!  Today I’ve picked 4. Let’s take a look!

  1. Mysteriously positioned socked.
    In my bedroom there is a socket, about 1m above the floor…. What’s this for??? It’s too high for vacuum cleaner …. too low for ceiling light.I’ve been wondering for years…and haven’t even asked my husband!
  2. Kitchen Sink.
    Japanese sink is at least double deeper than Danish one….. so my clothes get wet because water splashes against the bottom. Does it happen to you, too??My mother’s Tshirt got wet when she visited here  XD
  3. No Lights when you move in.
    I really like how western countries’ moving, because it’s easy.
    In Japan you have to bring  _everything_  from refrigerator, washing machine, even kitchen stove!!! ( if the apartment had only removable gas stove – then you have to bring yours.)
    I was surprised that you have to bring own lights in Denmark.  My Japanese friend didn’t know, so his first night was….. pitch black and scary.
  4. Beautiful Windows
    ah! Danish windows. They’re so beautiful!! They’re like from fairy tails. The classic “hook” style lock, was something blew my mind at first.  If I could import something directly from Denmark to Japan…. windows will be one of them.
  5. Scary as fuck basement
    Despite the nice look of apartment outside…. the basement is scary….
    Low Ceiling and dark light…

    Every time I go to the basement, I think of Japanese horror story.

Over all, houses in Denmark are nice! (and not cheap to rent 😉

Have you lived in a foreign house? Had anything surprise you!?


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  1. Alexandra says:

    The key to the socket, 1 m above the floor of your bedroom, is that it’s in the bedroom 🙂 it’s meant for stuff like alarm clocks, bedside lamps etc on a nightstand 🙂

    • Koko says:

      YES!!! You’re right – the socket is in my bedroom =O Thank you for this … now I made a huge mistake that I put the bed completely oppostit side for years…

  2. I think the high power suckets is for esey acces (no need to bend, though, if only one meter high you might still need to) and to be able to accces it still, if you place a piece of furniture in front. Like drawers or a tv-stand. In a hight of 1 meter I think it would juuust fit over one of those low entertainment centers/tv stands 🙂

  3. Michael Kamp says:

    When I travelled in Vietnam I thought the door handles were really low to the ground. Like – I’m pretty short for a dane and I almost had to bend to reach the handle.